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Area Code 343 Location - CANADA

Area code 343 is currently assigned for use in Ontario, Canada since May 17, 2010. This area code originated from the 613 area code previously by means of area code split or overlay. View all phone prefixes used in area code 343 or other area codes in Ontario.

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Phone Prefixes for Area Code 343

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Area code Location Company / Service Provider
343-200 Rockland, ON Videotron General Partnership
343-201 Alfred, ON Videotron General Partnership
343-203 Ottawa-Hull, ON Bell Canada
343-204 Ottawa-Hull, ON Videotron General Partnership
343-212 Jockvale, ON TELUS Integrated Communications
343-213 Carleton Place, ON TELUS Integrated Communications
343-214 Manotick, ON TELUS Integrated Communications
343-221 Orleans, ON Rogers Communications Canada Inc. (Cable)
343-222 Picton, ON TELUS Integrated Communications
343-225 Brockville, ON TELUS Integrated Communications
343-244 Ottawa-Hull, ON ExaTEL Inc.
343-261 Belleville, ON TELUS Mobility
343-262 Ottawa-Hull, ON TELUS Mobility
343-263 Belleville, ON TELUS Mobility
343-264 Brockville, ON TELUS Mobility
343-265 Deseronto, ON Comwave Networks
343-266 Kingston, ON Comwave Networks
343-267 Napanee, ON Comwave Networks
343-268 Arden, ON Comwave Networks
343-269 Bancroft, ON Comwave Networks
343-270 Belleville, ON Comwave Networks
343-271 Brighton, ON Comwave Networks
343-272 Northbrook, ON Comwave Networks
343-273 Plevna, ON Comwave Networks
343-285 Carleton Place, ON Bell Mobility
343-288 Cornwall, ON Roxborough Telephone Company Ltd.
343-290 Kingston, ON Allstream Inc.
343-291 Ottawa-Hull, ON Allstream Inc.
343-292 Ottawa-Hull, ON Allstream Inc.
343-300 Brockville, ON Iristel Inc.
343-301 Cornwall, ON Iristel Inc.
343-302 Kingston, ON Iristel Inc.
343-303 Jockvale, ON Iristel Inc.
343-304 Vankleek Hill, ON Iristel Inc.
343-310 Ontario
343-317 Ottawa-Hull, ON Distributel
343-320 Brockville, ON Comwave Networks
343-327 Brockville, ON Bell Mobility
343-330 Cornwall, ON Comwave Networks
343-331 Vankleek Hill, ON Comwave Networks
343-333 Kingston, ON Freedom Mobile Inc.
343-340 Merrickville, ON Iristel Inc.
343-341 Perth, ON Iristel Inc.
343-344 Kingston, ON Distributel
343-345 South Mountain, ON TekSavvy Solutions Inc
343-346 Winchester, ON TekSavvy Solutions Inc
343-355 Belleville, ON TELUS Integrated Communications
343-356 Cornwall, ON TELUS Integrated Communications
343-357 Bancroft, ON TELUS Integrated Communications
343-358 Kingston, ON TELUS Integrated Communications
343 Area Code Information
Type of code: General Purpose Code
Time zone:
Assigned for use: Yes
Code in service: Yes
Service date: May 17, 2010
In jeopardy: No
Relief in progress: No
NPA Relief status:
Code assignable: Yes
Geographic or
Reserved for future use: No
Planning letter(s): 386
Overlay code: Yes
Overlay complex: 343/613
Dialing plan Standard Permissive
Home local calls: 10D NA
Foreign local calls: 10D NA
Home toll calls: 1+10D NA
Foreign toll calls: 1+10D -

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