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(410) 955-1466 is located near BALTIMORE, Maryland1 Call NumberSee comments below

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Operating company number (OCN) 9212
State Maryland - MD
Telephone area codes in Maryland
City / Location1 BALTIMORE
Rate center (if different from city)
Effective date n/a
Assigned date n/a

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no one called, got an email saying this person got a parking ticket, and he think its mine and I should pay ASAP..PARKING TICKET...number ____________________.
Intentionally left blank. The phone number comes from Johns Hopkins in Baltimore, Maryland!
I've never been in the state of Maryland, much less have gotten a parking ticket. Its a scam. I'd advise that no-one click on either of the blue links.

If you continue to receive unwanted phone calls after your number has been registered with the Do Not Call Registry for 31 days, you may file a complaint with the FTC.

1 The location of the phone number shown on this page is provided only as an approximation. Because of local number portability (LNP) rules, wireless devices & VoIP, the location can vary, and in some cases, significantly. We DO NOT verify or guarantee the information found on this website in any way.

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