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Phone Number Area Code 431

Area code 431 is located in Manitoba.

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Phone Prefixes for Area Code 431

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Area code Location Company / Service Provider
431-200 Winnipeg, MB MTS Inc.
431-201 Snow Lake, MB MTS Inc.
431-205 Steinbach, MB Rogers Communications Partnership (Wireless)
431-206 Winnipeg, MB Rogers Communications Partnership (Wireless)
431-210 Brandon, MB Bell West Inc.
431-220 Dauphin, MB Bell West Inc.
431-221 Neepawa, MB Bell West Inc.
431-222 Winnipeg, MB LES.NET (1996) Inc.
431-223 Stonewall, MB Bell West Inc.
431-224 Thompson, MB Bell West Inc.
431-225 Holland, MB MTS Inc.
431-226 Bissett, MB MTS Inc.
431-227 Easterville, MB MTS Inc.
431-228 Grand Beach, MB MTS Inc.
431-229 The Pas, MB MTS Inc.
431-230 Cross Lake, MB MTS Inc.
431-231 Oxford House, MB MTS Inc.
431-232 Churchill, MB MTS Inc.
431-233 Ste. Rose du Lac, MB MTS Inc.
431-234 Killarney, MB MTS Inc.
431-235 Hamiota, MB MTS Inc.
431-236 Deloraine, MB MTS Inc.
431-237 Carman, MB Bell West Inc.
431-238 Selkirk, MB Bell West Inc.
431-239 The Pas, MB Bell West Inc.
431-240 Winkler, MB Bell West Inc.
431-251 Portage La Prairie, MB Bell West Inc.
431-274 Split Lake, MB MTS Inc.
431-281 Swan River, MB MTS Inc.
431-282 Strathclair, MB MTS Inc.
431-283 Riverton, MB MTS Inc.
431-284 Manitou, MB MTS Inc.
431-285 Gillam, MB MTS Inc.
431-310 Manitoba
431-321 Clear Lake, MB MTS Inc.
431-401 Dauphin, MB Rogers Communications Partnership (Wireless)
431-432 Brandon, MB RFNow Inc.
431-433 Winnipeg, MB RFNow Inc.
431-483 Brandon, MB TELUS Integrated Communications
431-484 Selkirk, MB TELUS Integrated Communications
431-485 Winnipeg, MB TELUS Integrated Communications
431-486 Morden, MB TELUS Integrated Communications
431-487 Morden, MB TELUS Integrated Communications
431-610 Manitoba
431-641 Gimli, MB MTS Inc.
431-645 Virden, MB RFNow Inc.
431-777 Winnipeg, MB Rogers Communications Partnership (Wireless)
431-800 Winnipeg, MB Iristel Inc.
431-810 Manitoba
431-845 Winnipeg, MB Bell Mobility

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