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Area Code 581 Location - CANADA

Area code 581 is currently assigned for use in Quebec, Canada since Sep 19, 2008. This area code originated from the 418 area code previously by means of area code split or overlay. View all phone prefixes used in area code 581 or other area codes in Quebec.

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Phone Prefixes for Area Code 581

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Area code Location Company / Service Provider
581-200 Alma, QC Iristel Inc.
581-201 Quebec, QC Teliphone Navigata-Westel Communicaiton Inc
581-205 Alma, QC Iristel Inc.
581-208 St-Ferdinand-D'Halifax, QC IVIC Telecom s.e.n.c
581-209 Disraeli, QC IVIC Telecom s.e.n.c
581-212 Dolbeau, QC TELUS Quebec
581-213 La Pocatiere, QC TELUS Quebec
581-214 Riviere-du-Loup, QC TELUS Quebec
581-215 Lac-Etchemin, QC Sogetel Inc.
581-216 Alma, QC TELUS Quebec
581-217 Roberval, QC TELUS Quebec
581-218 St-Felicien, QC TELUS Quebec
581-219 Valcartier, QC TELUS Quebec
581-221 Chicoutimi, QC Iristel Inc.
581-222 Chicoutimi, QC Iristel Inc.
581-223 Saint-Bernard-de-Dorchester, QC 9163-7918 Quebec Inc (dba CoopTel)
581-224 Sainte-Marie-de-Beauce, QC 9163-7918 Quebec Inc (dba CoopTel)
581-225 Vallee-Jonction, QC 9163-7918 Quebec Inc (dba CoopTel)
581-226 Saint-Joseph-de-Beauce, QC 9163-7918 Quebec Inc (dba CoopTel)
581-227 Frampton, QC 9163-7918 Quebec Inc (dba CoopTel)
581-228 Garthby, QC IVIC Telecom s.e.n.c
581-229 Saint-Patrice-de-Beaurivage, QC 9163-7918 Quebec Inc (dba CoopTel)
581-230 Alma, QC TELUS Mobility
581-231 Fermont, QC TELUS Mobility
581-232 Matane, QC TELUS Mobility
581-233 New Carlisle, QC TELUS Mobility
581-234 Chicoutimi, QC TELUS Mobility
581-235 Chicoutimi, QC TELUS Mobility
581-236 Baie-Ste-Catherine, QC Telecommunications Xittel Inc
581-237 Baie-St-Paul, QC Telecommunications Xittel Inc
581-238 Bergeronnes, QC Telecommunications Xittel Inc
581-239 Clermont, QC Telecommunications Xittel Inc
581-240 Ile-aux-Coudres, QC Telecommunications Xittel Inc
581-241 La Malbaie, QC Telecommunications Xittel Inc
581-242 Les Eboulements, QC Telecommunications Xittel Inc
581-243 Les Escoumins, QC Telecommunications Xittel Inc
581-244 Petite-Riviere-St-Francois, QC Telecommunications Xittel Inc
581-245 Sacre-Coeur, QC Telecommunications Xittel Inc
581-246 Rimouski, QC TELUS Mobility
581-247 Charny, QC TELUS Quebec
581-248 Chicoutimi, QC TELUS Quebec
581-249 Jonquiere, QC TELUS Quebec
581-250 Levis, QC TELUS Quebec
581-251 Loretteville, QC TELUS Quebec
581-252 Riviere-du-Loup, QC TELUS Quebec
581-253 St-Nicolas, QC TELUS Quebec
581-254 Thetford Mines, QC TELUS Quebec
581-255 Sault-au-Mouton, QC Telecommunications Xittel Inc
581-256 St-Fidele, QC Telecommunications Xittel Inc
581-257 St-Hilarion, QC Telecommunications Xittel Inc
581 Area Code Information
Type of code: General Purpose Code
Time zone: E
Assigned for use: Yes
Code in service: Yes
Service date: September 19, 2008
In jeopardy: No
Relief in progress: Yes
NPA Relief status:
Code assignable: Yes
Geographic or
Reserved for future use: No
Planning letter(s): PL-373R1
Overlay code: Yes
Overlay complex: 418/581/367
Dialing plan Standard Permissive
Home local calls: 10D NA
Foreign local calls: 10D NA
Home toll calls: 1+10D NA
Foreign toll calls: 1+10D -

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