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Area Code 709 Location - CANADA

Area code 709 is currently assigned for use in Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada since Jan 01, 1962. View all phone prefixes used in area code 709 or other area codes in Newfoundland and Labrador.

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Phone Prefixes for Area Code 709

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Area code Location Company / Service Provider
709-209 Torbay, NL TELUS Integrated Communications
709-212 St. Anthony, NL TELUS Mobility
709-213 Freshwater, NL TELUS Mobility
709-214 Stephenville, NL TELUS Mobility
709-215 Deer Lake, NL TELUS Mobility
709-216 Corner Brook, NL TELUS Mobility
709-217 Happy Valley - Goose Bay, NL TELUS Mobility
709-218 Bonavista, NL TELUS Mobility
709-220 Happy Valley - Goose Bay, NL Aliant Telecom (NF)
709-221 St. John's, NL Rogers Communications Canada Inc. (Cable)
709-222 Bay Roberts, NL TELUS Mobility
709-223 Greenspond, NL Bragg Communications Inc.
709-224 Westport, NL Aliant Telecom (NF)
709-225 River Of Ponds, NL Aliant Telecom (NF)
709-226 Freshwater, NL Bell Mobility Aliant
709-227 Freshwater, NL Aliant Telecom (NF)
709-228 Long Harbour, NL Aliant Telecom (NF)
709-229 Harbour Main, NL Aliant Telecom (NF)
709-230 Freshwater, NL Aliant Telecom (NF)
709-231 Harbour Main, NL Bragg Communications Inc.
709-232 Pouch Cove, NL Rogers Communications Canada Inc. (Cable)
709-233 Torbay, NL Rogers Communications Canada Inc. (Cable)
709-234 Gander, NL Aliant Telecom (NF)
709-235 Gander, NL Aliant Telecom (NF)
709-236 Westport, NL Bragg Communications Inc.
709-237 St. John's, NL Rogers Communications Canada Inc. (Cable)
709-238 Witless Bay, NL Rogers Communications Canada Inc. (Cable)
709-239 Burlington, NL Bragg Communications Inc.
709-240 Long Pond, NL Rogers Communications Canada Inc. (Cable)
709-241 Port Albert, NL Aliant Telecom (NF)
709-242 Portugal Cove, NL Rogers Communications Canada Inc. (Cable)
709-243 Cow Head, NL Aliant Telecom (NF)
709-244 Comfort Cove - Newstead, NL Aliant Telecom (NF)
709-245 English Harbour East, NL Aliant Telecom (NF)
709-246 Comfort Cove - Newstead, NL Bragg Communications Inc.
709-247 Brig Bay, NL Aliant Telecom (NF)
709-248 Hawkes Bay, NL Aliant Telecom (NF)
709-249 Cook's Harbour, NL Aliant Telecom (NF)
709-251 Pacquet, NL Aliant Telecom (NF)
709-252 Burlington, NL Aliant Telecom (NF)
709-253 Fleur De Lys, NL Aliant Telecom (NF)
709-254 Ming's Bight, NL Aliant Telecom (NF)
709-255 Nipper's Harbour, NL Aliant Telecom (NF)
709-256 Gander, NL Aliant Telecom (NF)
709-257 Botwood, NL Aliant Telecom (NF)
709-258 Bishop's Falls, NL Aliant Telecom (NF)
709-259 Boyd's Cove, NL Bragg Communications Inc.
709-260 St. John's, NL Comwave Networks
709-261 Campbellton, NL Aliant Telecom (NF)
709-262 Campbellton, NL Bragg Communications Inc.
709 Area Code Information
Type of code: General Purpose Code
Time zone: NA
Assigned for use: Yes
Code in service: Yes
Service date: January 01, 1962
In jeopardy: No
Relief in progress: Yes
NPA Relief status:
Code assignable: Yes
Geographic or
Reserved for future use: No
Planning letter(s):
Overlay code: No
Overlay complex:
Dialing plan Standard Permissive
Home local calls: 7D NA
Foreign local calls: NA NA
Home toll calls: 1+10D NA
Foreign toll calls: 1+10D -

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