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Phone Number Area Code 819

Area code 819 is located in Quebec.

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Phone Prefixes for Area Code 819

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Area code Location Company / Service Provider
819-200 Sherbrooke, QC Iristel Inc.
819-201 Magog, QC Iristel Inc.
819-202 Chesterville, QC IVIC Telecom s.e.n.c
819-203 Mont-Laurier, QC Videotron General Partnership
819-204 Notre-Dame-du-Bon-Conseil, QC TELUS Quebec
819-205 Ottawa-Hull, QC Videotron General Partnership
819-206 Ferme-Neuve, QC Videotron General Partnership
819-208 Ottawa-Hull, QC TELUS Mobility
819-209 Ottawa-Hull, QC TELUS Mobility
819-210 Ottawa-Hull, QC TELUS Mobility
819-212 Sherbrooke, QC Bell Mobility
819-213 Ottawa-Hull, QC TELUS Mobility
819-214 Lac-Megantic, QC TELUS Mobility
819-215 Maniwaki, QC TELUS Mobility
819-216 Ste-Agathe, QC TELUS Mobility
819-217 Ste-Agathe, QC TELUS Mobility
819-218 Amos, QC TELUS Mobility
819-219 Ste-Agathe, QC Fido Solutions Inc.
819-220 Temiscaming, QC Telebec Limited Partnership (Mobility)
819-221 Charette, QC Telephone Milot Inc.
819-222 Ste-Angele, QC Telebec Ltee.
819-223 Asbestos, QC Videotron General Partnership
819-224 St-Wenceslas, QC Telebec Ltee.
819-225 Ste-Eulalie, QC Telebec Ltee.
819-226 Aston-Jonction, QC Telebec Ltee.
819-227 Maskinonge, QC Bell Canada
819-228 Louiseville, QC Bell Canada
819-229 St-Celestin, QC Telebec Ltee.
819-230 Ottawa-Hull, QC Bell Mobility
819-231 Scotstown, QC 9163-7918 Quebec Inc
819-232 Lac-Drolet, QC 9163-7918 Quebec Inc
819-233 St-Gregoire, QC Telebec Ltee.
819-234 Princeville, QC IVIC Telecom s.e.n.c
819-235 La Patrie, QC 9163-7918 Quebec Inc
819-236 Labelle, QC TELUS Quebec
819-237 Lac-Megantic, QC Bell Mobility
819-238 Sherbrooke, QC Bell Mobility
819-239 Sherbrooke, QC Bell Mobility
819-240 Deauville, QC Videotron General Partnership
819-241 St-Roch-de-Mekinac, QC Telecommunications Xittel Inc
819-242 Grenville, QC Bell Canada
819-243 Ottawa-Hull, QC Bell Canada
819-244 Trois-Rivieres, QC Bell Mobility
819-245 Notre-Dame-de-Lourdes, QC IVIC Telecom s.e.n.c
819-246 Ottawa-Hull, QC Bell Canada
819-247 Shawinigan, QC Bell Mobility
819-248 South Durham, QC 9163-7918 Quebec Inc
819-251 East Angus, QC Videotron General Partnership
819-252 Plessisville, QC IVIC Telecom s.e.n.c
819-254 Inukjuak, QC Bell Canada

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