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Warning! 612-314-8859 has had numerous complaints. As always, use care and when possible, DO NOT give out personally identifiable information over the phone, such as SSN or bank account or credit card numbers. See comments below for more details.

(612) 314-8859 is located near Twin Cities, Minnesota1 Call Number
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Enter 7-digit phone number for area code 612 or the complete 10-digit phone number
Service Provider ONVOY, LLC - MN
Operating company number (OCN) 4899
State Minnesota - MN
Telephone area codes in Minnesota
City / Location1 Twin Cities
Rate center (if different from city) TWINCITIES
Effective date n/a
Assigned date 05/21/2012

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Why you are getting so many unwanted calls

Most legitimate companies will not call you if your phone number is on the Do Not Call Registry. However, scammers do not adhere to this rule and will relentlessly call as many phone numbers as possible. Current technology also makes it easy for them to “spoof” or fake the caller ID.

The best practice is to simply Not Answer calls from numbers you do not recognize and let it go to voicemail. Although that may not be practical for some, legitimate callers will usually leave a message and you can return those specific calls. You can read more here from the FTC.


Called left a threatening message asked for my daughter about a personal mmatter contact them otherwise threatening some legal action. Its all a scam just hang up don't worry SCAMMERS PHISHING FOR INFORMATION.


got call yesterday seeking granddaughter, who does not live with us. very threatening


Second time in two weeks.... left a message "Federal law designates this matter as a confidential matter for ________ (some person- not me) If you are not ______ ______ please hang up now. Hello this is Susan Fitz (s) and I have been given authorization to give you a final call concerning the matter. keep your social clean....if you do not contact us or your attorney us at 612-314-8859...


They are calling family members as well as me threatening legal matters, wanting banking information, very aggressive!!!!!


Called asking for my ex-husband of over 20 years ago, recorded voice "it would behoove you to call before the end of business today, or we will stop communication and proceed with legal action" #whatever #scam


recorded voice named Susan Fitz stating I had been turned over to them (never gives a business name) due to my failure to respond. Is filing legal action against me - yet they give no business name or creditor they represent.


they called and made a threatening call...some sort of legal action..called back and told them they called the wrong number and they said ok..


Automated message left by women stated needed to talk to a family member by today or would proceed with action if the person or lawyer didn't contact them. I called it back and it rang for so long then I hung up and called again and the lady picked up greeting me with my name so I hung up. The caller ID said C Dsouza but the name left said Susan Fitz or Finch lol


Some recording saying it was a personal matter for someone who is not me. Some woman came on after and left a threatening message about needing to speak to my attorney? They've just made my block list.


Lied about who they are

If you continue to receive unwanted phone calls after your number has been registered with the Do Not Call Registry for 31 days, you may file a complaint with the FTC.

1 The location of the phone number shown on this page is provided only as an approximation. Because of local number portability (LNP) rules, wireless devices & VoIP, the location can vary, and in some cases, significantly. We DO NOT verify or guarantee the information found on this website in any way.

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