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Phone Prefixes for 873 Area Code

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Area code Location Company / Service Provider
873-200 Sherbrooke, QC Videotron General Partnership
873-201 Ste-Eulalie, QC TELUS Quebec
873-202 Saint-Ludger, QC TELUS Quebec
873-203 St-Pierre-Les-Becquets, QC TELUS Quebec
873-204 St-Wenceslas, QC TELUS Quebec
873-205 Temiscaming, QC TELUS Quebec
873-206 Grand'Mere, QC TELUS Quebec
873-208 Shawinigan, QC TELUS Quebec
873-209 St-Boniface-de-Shawinigan, QC TELUS Quebec
873-210 St-Mathieu, QC TELUS Quebec
873-212 St-Roch-de-Mekinac, QC TELUS Quebec
873-213 Manseau, QC TELUS Quebec
873-214 L'Avenir, QC TELUS Quebec
873-220 Trois-Rivieres, QC Distributel
873-254 Ottawa-Hull, QC Bell Canada
873-255 Trois-Rivieres, QC Bell Mobility
873-265 Grand'Mere, QC Comwave Networks
873-266 Weedon, QC Comwave Networks
873-267 Deschaillons, QC Comwave Networks
873-268 Maskinonge, QC Comwave Networks
873-269 Trois-Rivieres, QC Comwave Networks
873-270 Drummondville, QC Comwave Networks
873-271 Shawinigan, QC Comwave Networks
873-272 Ste-Agathe, QC Bell Canada
873-274 La Minerve, QC Telecommunications Xittel Inc
873-275 Arundel, QC Telecommunications Xittel Inc
873-276 Val David, QC Telecommunications Xittel Inc
873-277 St-Donat-de-Montcalm, QC Telecommunications Xittel Inc
873-278 St-Adolphe-D'Howard, QC Telecommunications Xittel Inc
873-279 St-Jovite, QC Telecommunications Xittel Inc
873-280 St-Faustin, QC Telecommunications Xittel Inc
873-281 Ste-Agathe, QC Telecommunications Xittel Inc
873-282 Nominingue, QC Telecommunications Xittel Inc
873-283 L'Annonciation, QC Telecommunications Xittel Inc
873-284 Labelle, QC Telecommunications Xittel Inc
873-300 Victoriaville, QC Iristel Inc.
873-302 Plessisville, QC Comwave Networks
873-303 Victoriaville, QC Comwave Networks
873-310 Quebec
873-320 Aylmer, QC TekSavvy Solutions Inc
873-321 Bouchette, QC TekSavvy Solutions Inc
873-322 Buckingham, QC TekSavvy Solutions Inc
873-323 Chapeau, QC TekSavvy Solutions Inc
873-324 Chelsea, QC TekSavvy Solutions Inc
873-325 Fort-Coulonge, QC TekSavvy Solutions Inc
873-326 Gracefield, QC TekSavvy Solutions Inc
873-327 Grand-Remous, QC TekSavvy Solutions Inc
873-328 Kazabazua, QC TekSavvy Solutions Inc
873-329 Low, QC TekSavvy Solutions Inc
873-330 Luskville, QC TekSavvy Solutions Inc
873 Area Code Information
Type of code: General Purpose Code
Time zone: E
Assigned for use: Yes
Code in service: Yes
Service date: September 15, 2012
In jeopardy: No
Relief in progress: Yes
NPA Relief status: Active
Code assignable: Yes
Geographic or
Reserved for future use: No
Planning letter(s): 425 405
Overlay code: Yes
Overlay complex: 819/873
Dialing plan Standard Permissive
Home local calls: 10D NA
Foreign local calls: 1+10D NA
Home toll calls: 1+10D NA
Foreign toll calls: 1+10D -

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